The History of Rock Cottage

Rock Cottage was originally built in 1846 by Abner Wedgewood, a relative of the family who own the now world famous pottery company Waterford Wedgewood. It was later purchased by John Slater, who was the art director at Royal Doulton in Burslem, Stoke on Trent.

During his ownership he had six specially designed stained glass windows manufactured and fitted and a second extension to the original building. The panes all carry the world famous Royal Doulton trademark. He also specially commissioned a stunning cast iron fireplace.

The house was later purchased by Enoch and Cicely Houghton who are best remembered in North Staffordshire as great benefactors to the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary (now known as Staffordshire University Hospital) before and during the Second World War. A medical block at the hospital was constructed and named after them in their honour.

In October 1978 Brenda and Kenneth Greene purchased the property and took up residence. It was Brenda’s vision to turn the building into a nursing home to care for the elderly, and planning permission to do so was granted in October 1980.

It officially opened for residents on 1st May 1983 with facilities to accommodate 11 residents. Over the years the business has successfully grown and now caters for 36 residents, and over 100 children in the nursery and after school club.

Sadly Brenda Greene died before she saw her vision for the business become a reality, and also having run the business successfully for over 20 years Kenneth subsequently died. The building is now dedicated to them both and to this day the business continues to be very much a family run business.